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First Golden Gate is a trusted European Reseller of software products specializing in Anti-Virus and Data Encryption from the World’s leading suppliers; Trend Micro and Thales e-Security (formerly Vormetric). FGG is represented by a combination of strong business talents and works closely with companies to find the best solutions for their business needs. The company promotes sales and services across the offered product portfolios to businesses in the European region who care about Data Centric Security.


Smart, simple, security that fits, offering solutions for Server, Cloud and Content security


Flexible, Scalable, Efficient


First Golden Gate supports companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offering Consulting,
Vendor Support and Services. We look forward to working with you and helping you secure and
protect your commercial assets. Data is the new currency, we understand its worth.



Smart, simple, security that fits, offering solutions for Server, Cloud and Content security
All-in-one hosted security services and software, and for larger companies with complex requirements, virtualization and cloud computing, adaptive threat, data protection and support.


The Trend Micro Smart Protection Strategy offers:

  • Smart protection that’s layered, intelligent, and works in real time
  • Simple to manage protection that’s purpose-built, easy to deploy, and light on system resources
  • Security that fits a dynamic environment, adapting to new technologies and anticipating new threat trends

Vormetric - a part of Thales eSecurity

Flexible, Scalable, Efficient. Data is the new currency.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform delivers
Data-at-Rest security at the lowest total cost of ownership.

It comprises transparent file-system Encryption,
Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking, Application Encryption, Key Management, Security Intelligence,
as well as granular controls to secure assets across Teradata environments.

It allows organizations to take a consistent and centralized approach to safeguarding data in a uniform and repeatable way.


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